Is Woocmoerce better then Shopify?

19.11.2017 Posted by Nezařazené 0 thoughts on “Is Woocmoerce better then Shopify?”

Here are some major points that make WooCommerce much better than Shopify:

  • You can host your WooCommerce store for $21/year as compared to Shopify’s $29/month.
  • You can host as many sites as you want with your $21/year plan. If you host 2 websites it would cost $10.5/website every year. Whereas you would pay $58 on Shopify because it hosts only one website for $29.
  • WooCommerce has more than 50,000 plugins, most of which have a lite version that is free for lifetime. Shopify has only 1200 Apps which come with a 7 or 15 day trial.
  • You will find hundreds of WooCommerce themes on the internet, a few hundred of which would be free. Shopify has 100 themes total, only 7 of which are free themes. The rest will cost you between $80-$160.
  • WooCommerce has plugins like VisualComposer to customize the look of your website using a drag and drop builder. Shopify simply doesn’t allow you to customize the look and feel of your store to that extent, even after spending $100 on the theme.
  • Without sales, your store is dead. 95% Shopify stores fail within a month of their launch. WooCommerce is much more SEO friendly because it runs on top of WordPress, the largest CMS platform. WordPress the top choice for bloggers.
  • 38% online stores are built using WooCommerce and 8% online stores are built using Shopify.